Back Pain

Back Pain

Chiropractic care is commonly used to treat a variety of bodily pain caused by trauma or repetitive stress injuries. It can help some patients recover without the need for invasive surgery or medication. At Corpus Christi Chiro Center, we are able to provide professional chiropractic services to assist those who are living with daily pain or limited mobility. We offer a number of different treatments tailored to fit the unique needs of each patient we work with. From spinal manipulation to massage therapy, our team will work with you to expedite your recovery and improve your quality of life. Our aim is to provide our patients with the highest quality care in a warm and welcoming setting that promotes both mental and physical healing. With a highly trained and qualified team of chiropractors on staff to aid with your treatment and care, you can be certain that you are in good hands.

Causes of Back Pain

Often, symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, migraines, or joint pain are caused by a misalignment of the musculoskeletal system. In many cases, these problems arise as the result of an accident or long-term repetitive stress on certain areas of your body. Chiropractic care employs a number of different treatment methods to help patients manage their pain and restore their range of motion. At Corpus Christi Chiro Center, we work with patients who have suffered injuries from auto collisions, workplace accidents, contact sports, slip and falls, and more. We can offer alternative treatment for your pain alone or in conjunction with the current medical care you are receiving. When you begin your treatment with us, we will provide you with a full physical examination and review your medical history to determine the best way to assist you with your recovery. Our team is experienced, thorough, and fully committed to your health and well-being.

Back Pain Treatments

Following your initial consultation with us, we will provide you with a treatment plan that is tailored specifically to your needs. We take into consideration your goals and the results that you hope to achieve in order to address your primary areas of concern. For those suffering from chronic back pain, the top priority is often to get the pain under control. We understand that unmanaged pain can interfere with your daily life in many significant ways. It can prevent you from being able to work or participate in activities that you normally enjoy, and in severe cases, it can even impede your ability to care for yourself. Many patients also struggle with decreased mobility and a more limited range of motion as a result of their injuries. Our aim is to optimize your healing and recovery. To do so, we may prescribe chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, massage therapy, or other treatments to correct the underlying musculoskeletal issues that are responsible for your symptoms. Contact Corpus Christi Chiro Center today to meet with a chiropractor to discuss treatment for your back pain.