Physical Therapy

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Injuries, disability, and disease can severely affect your range of motion and limit your mobility, preventing you from being able to carry out normal, everyday activities. In turn, this can keep you from the things that bring you joy and take a toll on your quality of life. At Corpus Christi Chiro Center, we are focused on helping our patients heal following life altering injuries and diagnoses. Our team of compassionate, patient, and caring chiropractic care professionals offer patients a range of alternative treatments that can help to facilitate a more expedient and smooth recovery. Our physical and massage therapy service is an excellent option for those who are living with abnormal physical function. Your physician may refer you for physical therapy, however, many of our patients also come to us on their own to seek treatment for a variety of problems such as chronic pain, repetitive stress injuries, neurological conditions, and cardiopulmonary conditions. We are able to work with patients of all ages with varying medical concerns. To book a consultation with a chiropractor to determine is physical therapy is an option for you, please contact us.


There are a number of conditions that can be treated through physical therapy. While many patients come to us for assistance with their rehabilitation following a serious injury, we are also able to help those living with medical conditions such as COPD, cystic fibrosis, or Parkinson’s disease. In addition to providing treatment for adult and elderly patients, we have extensive experience in pediatric chiropractic care as well. We often work with children who have developmental delays, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, or other pediatric conditions that affect their mobility and movement. Professional physical therapy may be able to help you manage your pain without the use of opioids, and allow you to avoid a risky surgical procedure. Other potential benefits include restored mobility, improved balance, and general strengthening of the body. It is best to schedule a consultation with one of our chiropractors if you are still unsure if physical therapy or other forms of chiropractic treatment can benefit you. We will be glad to review your medical history and perform a full physical examination in order to advise you on whether chiropractic care can alleviate your symptoms and facilitate your recovery. We pride ourselves on operating our practice with honesty and integrity. We will always be honest with you regarding your prognosis.

Treatment Plan

No two patients are ever exactly the same, which means there is no single treatment plan that will work for everyone. For best results, Corpus Christi Chiro Center offers treatments that are tailored to the needs of each individual based on their diagnosis and ultimate goals for treatment. The length of time needed to see a significant improvement once your physical therapy begins can also vary depending on the extent and severity of your condition. Our experienced chiropractors will be able to answer any and all questions you have about what to expect from your treatment plan at the initial consultation.